Akhuwat College Kasur Free Education For Poor Students - Ehsaas Program BISP Updates

    Akhuwat College Kasur Free Education For Poor Students

    The Akhuwat Foundation has worked in Pakistan for many years to benefit the impoverished and deserving. It is a non-governmental organisation for social welfare. They create various programmes for the benefit of the public. Loans to individuals This organisation serves individuals in accordance with Islamic principles.

    The Akhwat Foundation has announced that impoverished and deserving students will receive free education. Registration for admissions has begun online. The Akhwat Foundation will cover all expenses.

    Akhuwat College Admission For Free Education

    If you intend to pursue additional education. But if you cannot afford tuition, you can enrol in this institution for free and continue your education. Its online registration has begun; if you want to register, select the Apply Online button. There you will be given a registration document, which you can use to register online.

    How to Register Online For Admission

    The online application process for college admission has begun. Continuing your education is possible by registering online. The procedure is described below.

    First, you must select the provided Online Registration button.
    There will be a form provided.
    In this form, you have to enter all your information accurately.
    Then, your details will be verified.
    If you are a deserving and diligent student, you will be contacted.
    Then your entrance exam will be administered there.
    If you pass the entrance exam, you will be enrolled and eligible for two years of free education.

    Eligibility Criteria

    The following outlines the eligibility requirements for this admission.

    • Attending Matriculation Exam results.
    • At least an 85 per cent grade point average in ninth grade is required for admission to pre-medical and pre-engineering programmes.
    • At least 80% for ICS.
    • At least 80% for arts.
    • The family income of the candidate should not exceed fifty thousand rupees per month.
    • Students who graduate from government schools will be prioritised.

    Seats For Admission To The College

    • Upper Punjab 15%
    • Lower Punjab 15%
    • Sindh 15%
    • Balochistan 15%
    • Khyber Pakhtun Kha 15%
    • District Kasur 5%
    • Azad Jammu Kashmir 5%
    • Gilgit Baltistan 5%

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