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    Are you ready to embark on a career that fosters educational excellence and development in Islamabad, Pakistan? The Higher Education Commission (HEC) is pleased to announce several exciting job opportunities for dedicated individuals in various roles, including invigilators, mobile searching staff, test city coordinators, supervisors, gate security personnel, and chief supervisors. This is your chance to contribute to the growth of higher education in Pakistan while securing a rewarding career for yourself. Read on to learn more about these positions and how you can apply.

    Job Descriptions:

    1. Invigilator: As an invigilator, you will be responsible for maintaining a secure and organized examination environment. Your duties will include overseeing the conduct of exams, ensuring fairness, and adhering to HEC’s examination protocols.
    2. Mobile Searching Staff: In this role, you will be responsible for enhancing security measures by conducting mobile searches and ensuring that candidates adhere to HEC’s mobile phone policies during examinations.
    3. Test City Coordinator: The test city coordinator’s primary role is to manage the overall examination process in designated test centers, ensuring smooth operations, coordination with staff, and compliance with HEC’s guidelines.
    4. Supervisor: Supervisors will oversee various aspects of examinations, including seating arrangements, distribution of materials, and reporting any irregularities to the higher authorities.
    5. Gate Security: As a gate security personnel, you will be responsible for maintaining entrance security, monitoring the flow of candidates, and ensuring a safe and controlled environment.
    6. Chief Supervisor: Chief supervisors will play a pivotal role in supervising and coordinating all examination activities, managing staff, and handling any issues that may arise during the examination process.

    Job Benefits:

    • Competitive salary packages
    • Opportunities for professional growth and development
    • Contribution to the enhancement of Pakistan’s higher education sector
    • A chance to work with a dynamic and dedicated team
    • Exposure to diverse educational experiences

    How to Apply:

    To apply for any of the aforementioned positions, please visit the official Higher Education Commission (HEC) website and follow the detailed instructions provided in the job advertisement. Make sure to review the eligibility criteria, required qualifications, and application deadlines for each role.

    Terms & Conditions:
    • The closing date for applications is November 13, 2023, as indicated in the official advertisement.
    • Applicants must meet the educational and experience requirements specified for each position.
    • HEC is an equal opportunity employer, and candidates from all backgrounds are encouraged to apply.
    • Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for interviews.

    Job Location: Islamabad, Pakistan

    Required Education:

    The Higher Education Commission HEC invites applications from individuals with various educational backgrounds, including:

    • MS
    • Matriculation (Matric)
    • Master’s degree
    • Intermediate (F.A/F.Sc)
    • Bachelor’s degree

    Available Positions:

    1. Invigilator
    2. Mobile Searching Staff
    3. Test City Coordinator
    4. Supervisor
    5. Gate Security
    6. Chief Supervisor


    Q1: Can I apply for multiple positions within HEC?

    A1: Yes, you are welcome to apply for multiple positions if you meet the eligibility criteria for each role. However, each position requires a separate application.

    Q2: What is the deadline for submitting applications?

    A2: The deadline for applications is November 13, 2023. Please refer to the official advertisement for specific details.

    Q3: Are there any age restrictions for these positions?

    A3: Age requirements may vary depending on the position. Please consult the official job advertisement for specific age criteria.

    Q4: How can I stay updated on the status of my application?

    A4: Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for interviews. Keep an eye on the contact details you provided in your application for updates.

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