Murree NA-51 General Election Result 2024 [PP-6] Announced

In this article, we provide complete details to our visitors related to Murree NA-51 General Election Result 2024. The results for the General Election 2024 in the NA-51 constituency of Murree will be announced on the evening of February 8, 2024, at 7:00 PM. In Pakistan, general elections occur every five years to choose representatives for the National Assembly (MNA) and Provincial Assembly. The country is divided into various constituencies, each represented by an MNA in the National Assembly. These MNAs have different titles based on the regions they serve.

Murree NA-51 General Election Result 2024

The NA-51 constituency, also known as Rawalpindi-cum-Murree, may be influenced by demographic and political factors. This area has a certain number of registered voters, including both male and female, and this data is crucial for understanding the constituency’s dynamics.

NA 51 Candidates Result 2024

Candidates Name Party Name Symbol Total Votes

 2018 Results of the F R NA-51 General Election

During the 2018 general election, there were 19 candidates vying for the NA-51 seat in the F R, Tribal Area-XII constituency of the FATA Province. Notable candidates included PTI’s Qaisar Jamal. The election results from NA-51 in 2018 provided a comprehensive summary, including the total votes cast, party affiliations, constituency reports, and historical outcomes from 2008, 2002, and 2013.

Multan General Election Result 2024

Murree NA-51 General Election Result 2024 [PP-6] Announced

NA-51 Election Result 2024

In the most recent election in 2024, Abdul Shakoor of MMA emerged victorious in NA-51 with 21,896 votes. The competition was close, as he defeated PTI’s Qaisar Jamal, who secured 18,689 votes. The election report covers all candidates in NA-51 and offers a detailed overview of the electoral landscape in the constituency.

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