Vehari General Election Result 2024 [all seats] Final Announced

In this article, we provide complete details to our visitors related to Vehari General Election Result 2024. The results of the General Election in Vehari for the year 2024 will be declared on the evening of February 8, 2024, at 7:00 PM. The election outcomes for the National Assembly constituencies NA 156, NA 157, NA 158, and NA 159 will be available on this date. The Election Commission of Pakistan has officially announced the results for all polling stations.

Vehari General Election Result 2024

The General Election for the entire country of Pakistan is scheduled for February 8, 2024. The official announcement of the election results for NA 156, NA 157, NA 158, NA 159 will be made on the Election Commission of Pakistan’s official website.

There are 12 halqas of the Punjab assembly in the Multan.

PP-229 Vehari-I

PP-230 Vehari-II

PP-231 Vehari-III

PP-232 Vehari-IV

PP-233 Vehari-V

PP-234 Vehari-VI

PP-235 Vehari-VII

PP-236 Vehari-VIII

Vehari NA Election Result 2024

You can find detailed information about the election, including the list of candidates, the number of votes received by each candidate or party, the total population in constituencies NA-155 to NA-154, the overall number of votes cast, the division of male and female voters, and the voter turnout for the 2024 election. Vehari District holds two seats in the National Assembly.

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Vehari General Election Result 2024 [all seats] Final Announced

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