Wapda Cadet College Tarbela Merit List 2024

Check if your name is on the Wapda Cadet College Tarbela Merit List for 2024 for either the 8th or 11th Class. The college, which started in 2004, aims to provide good education to students from class VIII to F.Sc. It’s situated near the Indus River, surrounded by large green mountains, offering a view of dam reservoirs.

Wapda Cadet College Tarbela Merit List 2024

To get into Wapda Cadet College Tarbela, you need to take a test in subjects like English, Math, Physics, Chemistry, General Knowledge, and IQ. Practice papers are available on their website. If you meet the requirements and wish to join, follow a few steps. First, pass a written test, an IQ test, and an interview. Then, undergo a medical checkup. Many people use practice papers to prepare for the test.

Wapda Cadet College Tarbela Eligibility Criteria

Regarding eligibility, Wapda Cadet College Tarbela welcomes students aspiring to pursue their intermediate degree. If you fall within the age range of 15 to 17 and have demonstrated proficiency in your matriculation examinations, this institution could be a suitable choice for your academic journey. Meeting the criterion of securing a minimum of 75% marks in your Secondary School Certificate (SSC) exams is imperative to qualify for admission. Thus, if you meet these specified criteria, you may find that Wapda Cadet College Tarbela is an ideal environment for your educational pursuits. It caters to students within the specified age group who have excelled in their matric exams by ensuring a minimum of 75% marks in their SSC examinations. This ensures that the institution maintains a standard of academic excellence and provides a conducive learning environment for individuals aged 15 to 17 who are looking to pursue their intermediate studies.

KPPSC Ability Test Result

Wapda Cadet College Tarbela Merit List 2024

WCCT Entry Test Results

The entrance test will cover English, Chemistry, Physics, and Biology based on the Federal Board (FBISE) syllabus for SSC. Exams will take place in Tarbela and Lahore campus halls in November and December 2023 – 2024, with interviews scheduled for November. The application process for the 8th class is currently open, allowing interested students to apply for admission.

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