Zewar e Taleem Program Punjab Education Foundation 2023 - Ehsaas Program BISP Updates
    Zewar e Taleem Program Punjab Education Foundation 2023

    The Zewar e Taleem Programme strives to assist students who, for a variety of reasons, cannot continue their education through basic school. This programme, wherein girl students receive conditional monetary aid, has been introduced by the government in 16 districts with poor literacy rates.

    By addressing their nutritional and health needs and increasing their school attendance, this initiative’s main goal is to inspire adolescent females to pursue a career in education. Distributing the cash to qualified beneficiaries falls under the purview of the PSPA preparer’s designated branches.

    Punjab Social Protection Authority

    More than 730,085 people are currently receiving cash financial support from the Punjab Social Protection Authority (PSPA) through three different conditional and unconditional programmes. For people with learning difficulties, these programmes include the Universal Cash Transfer (UCT) and the Bricklin Programme. The PWDS initiative is additionally providing assistance to 67,069 people with impairments.

    According to the Prime Minister’s vision, Punjab’s Ehsaas programmes work to help the weak and poor so they can rise to a respectable place in society by offering financial support. The Punjabi government launched the Punjab Social Protection Authority programme to carry out the federal government’s efforts. Its main objective is to provide social and economic security for the impoverished and worthy sectors of the population.

    A programme to provide monthly stipends to girls enrolled in public schools has been started by the government in 16 districts of Pakistan, including Bahawalnagar, Bahawalpur, Bakhar, Chiniot, DG Khan, Jhang, Kasur, Khanewal, Leh, Lodhran, Muzaffargarh, Okara, Pakpattan, Rajanpur, Rahim Yar Khan, and Wahari. The programme offers stipends of up to Rs. 1000 per month to female students who qualify.

    Subject to a requirement of maintaining at least 80% attendance, the stipends will be paid out on a quarterly basis. In addition, following a successful biometric verification process, freshmen who enrol in these institutions will also be qualified for the stipend. In addition to encouraging regular attendance at school, the programme intends to provide financial assistance to female students.

    Zewar e Taleem Program

    Zewar-e-Taleem Program’s goal is to raise the literacy rate in Pakistan because most households there do not value educating their daughters. As a result, stipends are provided to the girls to encourage them to pursue an education.

    Eligibility Criteria

    The requirements for participating in the Zewar e Taleem Programme are as follows.

    • There ought to be 80% participation.
    • Students from grades six through ten will get the stipend.
    • In-need and underprivileged girls will receive assistance.
    • After the Education Department has verified the recipient’s biometrics, the stipend will be awarded.

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