8267 Payment SMS Code Ehsaas New Update 2023-24 - Ehsaas Program BISP Updates
    8267 Payment SMS Code Ehsaas New Update 2023-24

    Government-sponsored initiatives like Ehsaas and the Benazir Income Support Programme are funded by the underprivileged. They also have sponsorship. Numerous programmes, including the Ehsaas Emergency Cash Programme, Waseela e Taleem Programme, Bahimat Buzurg Programme, Humqadam Programme, etc., are included in these two programmes. People can access the programme in a variety of ways. Twelve thousand, fourteen thousand, five thousand two thousand, etc. are included in this assistance.

    People sign up for this programme without understanding how they will collect their money or how they will find out when their payment has arrived. Therefore, the Punjab Government has chosen to use the Punjab Social Protection Authority to deliver a financial message.

    8267 Payment SMS Code

    When you qualify for a programme, you receive a notification asking you to submit a payment. The Punjab Social Protection Authority and the Bank of Punjab are sending you this message using the telephone number 8267. People are informed about their eligibility for this programme.

    The majority of people are circulating false information about the Pakistani government creating a new code for the Ehsaas Rashan Programme, which is 8267; this is untrue because the Benazir Income Support Programme or Ehsaas Rashan can both be used using this number. Through this code, you cannot register or determine your eligibility. Only when your payment has come or you are qualified for this programme is the government going to message you this code? Your ID card number should not be sent on the code.

    Registration method for Ehsaas Program and Rashan Program

    This programme has a different registration process. When registering for a sense programme or ration programme, you must send your national ID card number (8171), which will determine if you qualify for the programme or not. Send your national identity card number to 8123 if you wish to sign up for a sense ration programme and receive a ration of Rs. 4500 per month.

    BISP Registration

    Similar to this, if you want to enrol in the Benazir Income Support Programme and receive Rs 9000, you need to visit the program’s office, where you will be given a form. After you fill out this form, they will register you for their programme. Your national identity card number can then be sent to 8171 to check your eligibility.

    Additionally, if you want to register online but are unsure of your eligibility, we’ll outline the entire process here.

    BISP Online Registration

    To register online, use the online registration button. A form will then be provided. Fill out this form completely and accurately. All of your information will then be given to the Pakistani government. Your eligibility will be evaluated in light of NADRA and NSER statistics. And you will let me know whether you qualify for this programme two or three days after messaging your contact number.

    8267 web portal

    • Keep in mind that, with the exception of 8267, all the codes and their associated web portals are absolutely fake.
    • You shouldn’t provide all of your information to a portal that is not part of the Ehsaas programme run by the government.
    • Only register on the government-recommended code or website portal in order to enrol in your Ehsaas programme.


    It is suggested that readers visit the Punjab e-Khidmat official government website and seek assistance there if they qualify. You can apply for an 8267 card and get your monthly stipend from the ATM whether you’re a student, disabled person, or mother.

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