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    Govt rejects reports of ban on Rs 5000 banknote

    The Ministry of Finance at the federal level in Pakistan has swiftly responded to a recent wave of misinformation circulating on social media platforms. The false claims suggested the discontinuation of the Rs5,000 banknote, sparking widespread concern and speculation among the public. In a firm statement, the Ministry of Finance categorically refuted these rumors, labeling them as “fake news” and reinforcing the continued validity of the Rs5,000 banknote. This article delves into the details of this situation, highlighting the government’s response and the broader implications of such misinformation.

    The Spread of False Information

    In recent days, social media platforms in Pakistan have been abuzz with discussions and speculations regarding the discontinuation of the Rs5,000 banknote. These rumors gained traction swiftly, causing confusion and concern among the general population. Many individuals took to social media to express their apprehensions about the potential consequences of such a decision.

    Government Response

    The Ministry of Finance, in response to these widespread rumors, wasted no time in addressing the issue. They issued a clear and concise statement dismissing the claims of discontinuing the Rs5,000 banknote as baseless and untrue. The ministry emphasized that there were no plans to take the Rs5,000 banknote out of circulation and urged the public to disregard the false information circulating on social media.

    Caretaker Information Minister’s Stand

    Supporting the Ministry of Finance’s stance, the Caretaker Information Minister, Murtaza Solangi, also rejected the reports concerning the Rs5,000 banknote. He expressed the government’s determination to take action against those responsible for spreading “fake news.” This strong response sends a clear message that the government is committed to countering misinformation and maintaining the stability of the country’s currency.

    A Recurring Issue

    This incident is not an isolated case. Pakistan has previously faced similar challenges of false rumors regarding demonetization. The State Bank of Pakistan has had to clarify the situation on multiple occasions, underscoring the importance of reliable sources of information and the potential harm caused by the spread of false narratives.


    The recent episode of misinformation regarding the discontinuation of the Rs5,000 banknote in Pakistan highlights the critical need for accurate and verified information in today’s digital age. The Ministry of Finance’s swift response, backed by the Caretaker Information Minister, demonstrates the government’s commitment to combating fake news and preserving the public’s confidence in the country’s financial system. As technology continues to shape the way information is disseminated, the vigilance against misinformation remains paramount to ensuring social and economic stability.

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