How to Register for the 15000 Ehsaas Program Scholarship Latest - Ehsaas Program BISP Updates
    How to Register for the 15000 Ehsaas Program Scholarship Latest

    The Ehsaas Program Scholarship is a government initiative in Pakistan aimed at providing financial assistance to deserving students for their further education. The Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication in Pakistan has just initiated a significant endeavor aimed at providing 15,000 ambitious individuals in Pakistan with the necessary skills and knowledge to proficiently navigate and excel in emerging and specialized technological domains. The government has formed a partnership with certification specialists as part of the IT industry capacity building in the Specialization Technologies and Platforms Programme.

    In order to facilitate the provision of university education in contemporary disciplines such as blockchain technology, machine learning, artificial intelligence, cyber security, and other related areas. This ambitious undertaking seeks to address not only the disparity in digital skills. Pakistan must position itself as a global hub for innovation and technical advancement.

    Empowering Youth and Females Through Specialized Training

    The primary objective of this program is to enhance the capabilities of the young and women within the nation by equipping them with this particular ability. There is a pressing need for their advancement within the swiftly evolving technological world. Based on the data acquired from Ehsaas Nadra Government PK, the training program will encompass a diverse range of subjects, including Digital Tones, Cloud Computing, E-Health, DPO, Agriculture, and other developing disciplines.

    The curriculum endeavors to cultivate a cohort of technologically proficient persons who can contribute significantly to the progress of economic growth and technical improvement by accommodating a wide range of disciplines.

    Master Trainers and Industry Collaboration

    The Ministry has developed a robust structure to assure the efficacy of this program. The Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB), in collaboration with industry and educational institutions, is undertaking several significant measures to ascertain the most essential and in-demand technology for training purposes.

    One of the steps implemented is the establishment of a total of 300 master trainers. Individuals with specific knowledge and skills in fields such as blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing has expertise in these respective domains. The Master Trainers will persist in playing a significant role in the advancement of HR development programs, curriculum creation, and training delivery. This approach will guarantee that the delivery of education is both pertinent and pragmatic.

    How to Register for the 15000 Ehsaas Program Scholarship 2023?

    The implementation of the initiative will be guided by a high-level steering committee consisting of officials from the Pakistan Software Houses Association and other relevant stakeholders. The oversight of the selection process for training partners and trainers will be carried out by this committee. Additionally, it will ascertain the selection of training courses and their respective durations. The ministry demonstrates a firm dedication to ensuring that program outcomes are in accordance with certification standards and the wider economy through active involvement of important stakeholders from diverse sectors.

    • The production of 2300 master trainers in specialized technologies such as blockchain, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and others is being undertaken.
    • Master Trainers are poised to assume a significant role in bolstering the industry through their involvement in the design of human resources development initiatives, the creation of educational frameworks, and the provision of training services.

     Purpose of Steering Committee

    • The individuals who serve as representatives of the Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunications The committee will comprise the Pakistan Software Export Board, Pakistan Software Houses Association, and other pertinent players.
    • The establishment of a steering committee at a senior level.
    • The responsibilities encompass the task of choosing training partners, trainers, and courses and determining the duration of the committee.

    Data-Driven Decision Making

    The program’s approach will be grounded in extensive study and rigorous analysis. A comprehensive industry study will be undertaken to evaluate the level of demand for proficient employees across all sectors and technologies. The provided data will be utilized as the foundation for formulating requests for proposals.

    The proposed approach involves targeting organizations that possess robust learning management systems, which have the capacity to deliver highly effective training programs. Additionally, this technology will provide opportunities for online participation. Based on this, individuals who have received training will possess the ability to readily establish connections with the calculation.

    Investment and Future Prospects

    A sum of 200,000 rupees has been allotted to the Ministry of IT and Telecommunication. The allocation of 2,000 million rupees, representing a significant portion of the expected overall cost of 1,000 million rupees for the initial phase of the program, serves as a clear indication of the government’s dedication to cultivating a proficient labor force capable of addressing the demands and prospects presented by the digital era.

    Upon the successful conclusion of the training program, a total of 2500 students will be granted internships in Information Technology (IT) companies for a duration of three months. In addition to the aforementioned, a monthly stipend of 25000 will also be provided. This hands-on experience will additionally augment their abilities and equip them for practical implementation in real-life scenarios.


    An Evolutionary Advancement in Technical Competence The implementation of capacity-building initiatives under the Specialization Technologies and Platforms Program within the IT industry signifies Pakistan’s committed effort to enhance its technical proficiency.

    The government aims to address the current skill gap by providing expertise to a significant number of individuals, totaling 15,000, in the developing sector. Moreover, the groundwork for a promising future centered around technology is also being established.

    Through the utilization of collaborative efforts, strategic planning, and data-driven insights, the program has been specifically developed to empower individuals in order to cultivate innovation and establish Pakistan as a prominent participant in the global technological sphere.

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