When will ECP Announce Complete Election Results for 2024

There is a lot of excitement in the media about the Elections in Pakistan. After people cast their votes on Election Day, everyone is eagerly waiting for the official results. However, before the official results, unofficial results are usually announced quickly. The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has planned to declare the official results for all 859 constituencies of the National and Provincial Assemblies on Friday, February 9.

When will ECP Announce Complete Election Results 2024

A spokesperson for the ECP shared with the Associated Press of Pakistan (APP) that they have meticulously finalized all the necessary arrangements to ensure that the upcoming general elections across the country are conducted in a manner that is free, fair, and transparent. This includes the completion of printing 260 million ballot papers for all constituencies. Notably, National Assembly ballots are distinguishable by their green paper, while Provincial Assembly ballots are printed on white paper.

Announcement Date for the Final Results of the 2024 General Election in Pakistan

Amidst the buzz surrounding the elections in Pakistan, it’s crucial to highlight the anticipation that builds up after voting concludes on Election Day. The official results become a focal point of interest, and it is customary for unofficial results to be promptly released. The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has set Friday, February 9, as the date for announcing the official results for all the seats in both the National and Provincial Assemblies.

When will ECP Announce Complete Election Results for 2024

Providing insights, a spokesperson for the ECP conveyed to APP that all necessary preparations for a fair, free, and open general election across the nation have been completed.

General Election Pakistan Final Result 2024 Announced Date

The spokesperson further elaborated on the current situation, revealing that a staggering 260 million ballots have been printed for this election cycle. This marks a significant increase of 54.74% in the number of voters compared to the previous election. Despite a remarkable surge in the demand for special papers, effective management practices have led to a reduction in the use of paper from 2,400 tons to 2,177 tons, representing a commendable achievement.

In terms of ballot distribution, the printed ballot papers adhere to a specific format: 5% are single-column, 50% are double-column, 30.3% are three-columns, 11.15% are four-column, and 2.4% are five-columns. These details provide a glimpse into the meticulous planning and execution undertaken by the Election Commission of Pakistan to ensure a smooth and efficient electoral process.

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